REGENADE ONION (pankaks) wrote in theatregeeks,

fake pee

Yes, fake urine. you read correctly.

here's the story.
I'm working on a play at the moment which requires one of the characters to actually urinate on stage. She has to stand over the top of another actor while he's lying on the floor with his hands tied behins his back, and she has to pee on him.

Now, before you ask this play is about King Cross in Sydney and the associated drugs, whores and corruption, so it's a bit, well, adult.

Here's where you kids come in.
I need to work out a way for my lovely actress to be able to fake pee because obviously real pee is gross and not an option. It needs to look as real and disgusting as possible, but as I'm the one who gets to wash the costumes and I'm dating the actor that gets peed on, obviously fake pee is better.
I'm thinking of somehow strapping the bag of fake pee to her underneath her costume with a tube going down to her knickers (she'll have two pairs on) underneath her teensy little hooker skirt. I just need to work out how to stop gravity working against me. She has to "pee" at a fairly specific moment, so I need to work out how to make the liquid release on cue. It has to be done as hands free as possible (ie, no reaching up her skirt to unplug anything), but she is able to squeeze the liquid pack slightly (it'll probably be put in her bra). As all student productions, this one basically has bugger all budget, but I probably have 15 bucks if I need it.

so, my fellow theatre nerds? any suggestions?

oh, and this is crossposted EVERYWHERE.
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